Common Questions

Welcome to our Canadian internet store. Below are questions that are frequently asked by customers. Click on the purple titles to find the answers. Please contact us if you have a question that isn’t answered here.

Ordering, Order Cancellation, Shipping

Do you have a minimum order?
Do you sell wholesale?
How do discounts work?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What currency do you use for prices?
What do you charge for shipping? How long will it take to arrive?
Do you accept international orders?
Can I choose a cheaper method of shipping?
What sales tax do you charge?
How will I know my order has been shipped?


Why do you ship by Canada Post?

Return and Refund Policy

What is your policy for returns?


Is this a secure web site?
Will my customer information be kept private?
Tell me more about the information you collect.

Product Information: Kits

We are very confident about the quality of our kits, and delighted with the positive feedback from customers and students about the instructions and the jump rings. Our website has some free projects so that you can preview the style of instructions that are in the kits. Be sure to check the listing of new kits in the store.

Why should I buy your kits?
Can I sell the bracelets or necklaces I make from your instructions?
Can I teach a project I learned from your kit?
Can I just buy the instructions, not the whole kit?
Can I buy the kit without the instructions?

Product Information: Jump Rings

Click to view price list charts online, or download them as pdf files.

Information about quantity discounts is on the price lists, charts, and with every jump ring product. 

The shopping cart has jump rings available by a full, half, and quarter troy ounce. We currently offer rings made from regular Sterling, Argentium™ Sterling, Silver-Filled, Jeweller’s Bronze and hardened Copper. Contact us if you want a ring size or gauge that you don’t see listed in our charts. All gauges are American Wire Gauge (AWG).

What kinds of metal wire do you use to make your rings?
Can you make other sizes of Sterling/Argentium/Silver Filled/ Copper/Jeweller’s Bronze rings?
Why is the thickness of the regular Sterling wire measured differently than the other metals?
Are the smaller rings closed and welded closed?
Can you send me a current price list?
How can I clean the stainless steel shot in my tumbler?

Product Information: Pliers, Clasps, Books

I bring pliers to my classes for students to try out. I did a lot of searching to find inexpensive ones that are up to the job of working with heavier gauges of rings as well as being ergonomically well-designed. I also carry a premium brand for the experienced chain mailler who values well-made pliers.
We specialize in discovering extraordinary clasps—those that are unusual, or beautiful ones that have a WOW factor. We also have the classics that are well-made and truly functional. Take a look and see if you agree.
Every book I can find about chain mail (and a few about wirework) is here. It’s a relatively small library that is affordable for the enthusiast.

Which two pairs of pliers do you recommend that I purchase first for chain mail projects?
Tell me about your clasps?
Please explain how a ball and socket clasp works?
How do you decide which books or DVDs you sell?
What is the best book about chain mail for a beginner to buy?

Chain Mail Questions

What is Argentium Sterling? Jeweller’s Bronze? Silver Filled?
I’m interested in ordering a kit, but I want to know the gauge of wire used because I like heavy bracelets. Help!
Is it possible to purchase the rings to complete a Byzantine bracelet, but not the instructions? I already have them. Is there a price break?
Do you sell “refill” kits?
How do I choose the right pliers?
What size rings should I buy for my project?
What is the correct spelling of chain mail? 😉
What are those black paper squares in your chain kits?
I’m a true Beginner: what kit should I get first?
What do I need to know to be at an Intermediate level?
I see you have earring and bracelet kits, but I would like to make a necklace. Help!
How can I polish my chains?
I’m interested in getting a jewelry tumbler – can you recommend one and tell me where to get one?